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Interview Questions

General motivation, interest, self awareness and career aspiration questions:
• Tell me about yourself
• Why did you apply for this position?
• Why do you think you would be successful in this position?
• Which subjects did you most enjoy at University and why?
• What influenced you to enrol in your degree?
• What are your strengths/weaknesses?
• What have been your main successes/achievements so far?
• What are your future career plans?
• What do you hope to achieve in your time within Organisation X?
• Describe yourself as an employee?
• You seem to be interested in ………….? Tell us about this.
• What attributes are you using to evaluate the organisation you hope to work for?


Excellent Interpersonal and Teamwork skills

• Describe a time when you worked in a successful team. What made the team successful?
• Give an example of a time when you had to resolve a conflict.
• Tell us about a significant problem you have you encountered and how you dealt with it?
• Describe an experience you have had working in a team?
• Tell us about a time when you have had to adapt to change.
• Describe a team project you have been involved in. What was your role?

Highly Developed verbal and written communication skills
• How would you persuade someone to accept a new idea?
• Describe a time when you had employed effective verbal communication skills to communicate information to an audience.
• Describe a time when you have needed to convince someone of your point of view. How did you go about this? What would you do differently? 

Strong analytical and research skills
• Describe a project you have worked on that involved a high level of analysis
• Describe a time when you developed a unique solution to a problem
• How do you go about making a particularly difficult decision?
• Describe a piece of research you have undertaken which best demonstrates your analytical and research skills.

Capacity to plan, organise and pursue tasks with energy and drive to achieve results
• Describe the accomplishment you are most proud of.
• Describe a time when you had competing deadlines to meet. What steps did you take?
• Tell us about a time when you failed to complete a project on time. What went wrong and what would you do differently?
• Describe a time when you have had to adapt quickly to substantially changed circumstances at university or work.

Strong work ethic
• Tell me about a time when you felt you had to make an unpopular decision based on your beliefs and values.
• Describe a situation in which you went against your core values to accomplish something. What did you learn? 

Reference: Astralian National Univ. Careers Centre