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Cover Letter


A cover letter should:
■ State the reason for your interest in the position, organisation, industry
■ Be tailored to suit the position/industry, so you must do research first
■ Link your résumé to a particular position
■ Be a marketing tool to draw attention to your skills and attributes, relevant to the position
■ Mention job requirements as in the advertisement/selection criteria and link to your skills and strengths
■ Persuade the employer that you are suitable
■ Emphasise skills, qualifications, experience, strengths, successes that you have documented on the résumé which give you the competitive edge
■ Usually be no more than one page in length.

In the greeting:
■ Make the effort to find out and hence include the name of the contact to whom your application is being sent.
■ Address this person formally, e.g. Professor <full name>, Doctor <full name>, Mr <full name>, Ms <full name>, Miss <full name>.

In the first paragraph:
■ Express your interest in the position/organisation, stating exactly what it is you are seeking; include the job reference number if appropriate.

Reference: Australian National Univ. Careers Centre